25 years in and still expanding her reach, Kelly Kolar looks toward the future in architecture.

kelly kolar

25 years in and still expanding her reach, Kelly Kolar looks toward the future in architecture.

Show Notes

What is your CEO’s communication style?  [05:34]

On building relationships with coworkers that are of a different generation  [06:45]

Steve Jobs’ momentous gift: Individualism and the ability to create through technology  [09:08]

6 reasons Kelly loves millennials in her team  [10:10]

As a solopreneur seeking to grow your firm, how important is it to ensure people, particularly millennials, can be successful in your firm?  [12:08]

Kelly’s 3 steps for apologizing as a CEO  [16:59]

The hardest lesson Kelly has had in trying to scale Kolar Design  [22:54]

Kelly talks about succession planning  [24:16]

The effect of having remote employees on business operations  [25:53]

Does Kolar Design work with freelancers and why?  [28:09]

Kelly’s 2 pieces of advice for CEOs wanting to scale their businesses  [30:02]

A peak at the future of design, advertising, architecture, and construction  [32:00]


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kelly kolar
kelly kolar



As you start to look at growing the firm beyond you as the solopreneur, it’s so important that you start to put the foundation in place that people can be successful here. – Kelly Kolar

Finding meaningful work for people is really, really critical. – Kelly Kolar

People want to know where they’re going, so you have to give them scaffolding to get there. – Kelly Kolar

A lot of people forget that if something happened up in the ivory tower, it’s going to sound like an earthquake further down in the business. – Chris Williams


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