Hello, and welcome to my High Level Wisdom blog! You’ve made it to our debut episode, the premiere of a series of posts to come. With this blog, we will get the chance to interact as I share questions I get asked all the time as well as information I have learned by talking to others,  about leadership, workplace culture and career success. Today, I want to kick things off by answering  a very simple yet  important question that you may not have thought to ask me: “Chris, why are you starting this blog?”

Reason for this High Level Wisdom blog

You see, why is the often unvoiced but ever present answer that’s driving all the other questions we more often know how to put into words. The whole who, what, where how gang. In my posts and podcasts to come, you’ll hear me asking me you about your why for whatever project, dream or endeavor you’re working toward by listening or reading along. So, it’s only fair for me to answer that same question for you, right off the bat!

To answer that question, let’s start at the beginning with a little about me. I did not start out in life in the kind of surroundings that promised any hope of a successful future, or any kind of hope at all, for that matter. The early years of my life was a story of struggles, setbacks and several traumatic events all before I reached my eighteenth birthday. Few of the people around me held on to any dreams of anything better.


And yet, somehow, I grew into the kind of person that the younger me would not recognize. I earned myself a decade-long career with one of the largest banks in the world. I bring this up not because money or status is in any way what I value most in life, but simply because that accomplishment demonstrates so clearly how far I have come. People where I grew up just didn’t dream of jobs like that.  When I looked back on it all later, I realized that it wasn’t some accident or stroke of fortune that brought these changes in my life. With study and contemplation, I realized that I had brought about these changes myself. I learned to recognize the pattern, the framework that enabled the younger Chris Williams to see beyond my current culture—while always remaining authentic to who I really am.

Where we are today

All this leads to my now lifelong passion for uncovering how people can get beyond “the way things are” in order to actually see the way things could be—and then, how they can bridge the gap! It’s something that I study, something that I observe, something I that practice through good old trial and error, something that I learn from others when I can (because you’re never too good to learn from others)—all so that I can bring what I find to all of you! Because the good news is that, I didn’t reinvent the wheel when I came up with my framework for succeeding above my current culture. What I did do was figure out a new way to build that wheel and to put it to use.

By following that same framework for change that I learned all those years ago, many individuals, organizations, and companies can learn, not to be changed, but to make the change for themselves.  And I do that through coaching, through training, as a keynote speaker, through insightful interviews with top CEOs that I love sharing with you. And more recently, through my The Way Forward Podcast, your weekly dose of motivation and insights. Now, I’m going to keep doing the same with this new blog, because it’s another great way for us to carry on this conversation about creating our own culture, a way to reach some new ears while continuing the dialogue with some familiar friends.

We are glad you are here

It’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of your current culture. Easy to go through the motions that you’ve become so accustomed too. And it’s so easy to fail to see the forest of the future through the trees of today. If you, your organization or your company could use a little change—and believe me, most of us could—then what I ultimately want for this blog is for you to get that old wheel unstuck from that rut and get yourself moving forward with the new and improved wheel I was talking about.

Thanks for dropping by High Level Wisdom and here’s to many more powerful conversations to come!