Ep1- Launch Day

Ep1- Launch Day

Show Notes

It’s Launch Day of High Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders podcast!  [00:32]

Chris Williams, an older millennial, talks about what led him to start the podcast.  [01:27]

What is the next conversation?  [06:35]

What you can expect on the show: Chris interviews baby boomer CEOs to hear their insights, stories, and wisdom. [12:11]

Our mission: To preserve the business knowledge of baby boomers for the emerging millennial generation; and to celebrate the baby boomers by giving them a platform.  [13:28]

Bonus materials: Interviews with influential millennials and Gen Xers.  [18:43]

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  • What is the next conversation? — Chris Williams
  • Millennials now predominantly own the workforce. — Chris Williams
  • What I realized was nobody was having a really good, in-depth conversation with the influential baby boomers. Nobody was stopping to listen to their side of the story. — Chris Williams
  • This content is for you because if you want to move into higher levels of the organization, you’ve got to start having higher-level conversations. — Chris Williams
  • I think in America today we don’t do a good job of celebrating people for their accomplishments. — Chris Williams
  • We celebrate the baby boomers by giving them an opportunity to come on our podcast. — Chris Williams

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