Ep10- RJ Kelly CVO of Wealth Legacy Group Inc.

Ep10- RJ Kelly CVO of Wealth Legacy Group Inc.

Show Notes

How R.J.’s family experience spurred him to build Wealth Legacy Group  [02:16]

What Wealth Legacy does  [04:54]

Today’s high life expectancy means your assets need to last a lot longer.  [06:42]

Everyone has a story.  [10:05]

Millennials have a tremendous desire to do something that matters.  [13:51]

How millennials think  [15:46]

Baby boomers, what are you doing next?  [19:01]

Many baby boomers don’t have plans for after retirement.  [19:28]

Office dress code – the shift from formal to casual attire  [21:09]

To the millennials: You have to earn your way into the company.  [22:32]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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Everyone has a great story. — R.J. Kelly

Millennials are hungry to let their talents be used for something. — R.J. Kelly

The millennials are an extraordinary generation that will have an amazing impact. — R.J. Kelly

Things take time. We need to get better at being patient. — Chris Williams


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Article: His typical client is worth $8.5 million

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