Ep12- Mark Fingerlin the CEO of CEOs

Ep12- Mark Fingerlin the CEO of CEOs

Show Notes

Mark’s career: from the Bank of New York, to the Navy, and on to chairing groups of CEOs¬† [02:42]

What did the workforce look like 40-50 years ago?  [04:52]

What were the career options open to women baby boomers back then?  [05:05]

Marks tells us about a woman who broke through the career barrier (she spoke up!)  [05:33]

More opportunities in the workforce today  [06:53]

Working spouses — virtually a necessity in many households now¬† [07:10]

On Generation Z — the latest generation to enter the workforce¬† [09:24]

2 things that define the baby boomer generation  [10:25]

On the baby boomers’ sense of shared sacrifice¬† [10:31]

Total freedom or lack of freedom? On boomers’ having their career path defined for them¬† [11:02]

Millennials’ poor sense of history and its cause [15:39]

The causes and effects of not celebrating the baby boomers  [19:06]

Millennials need to recognize that other generations also have done great things.  [19:48]

How does Mark encourage his group to acknowledge the value of each person?  [20:38]

On the blurring or combining of work, leisure and life  [22:31]

Millennials are more adept at establishing work-life balance.  [24:37]

Friction between one group that can’t wait for the day to end and another group that don’t want the day to end¬† [25:06]

What does Mark do to establish work-life balance?  [29:19]

How can having a shared expectation help boomers and millennials get along in the workplace?  [29:54]

Baby boomers need to understand that they may not have a lot of relevant experience for anybody.  [30:57]

What is a leader? [31:55]

2 ways of learning the interpersonal skills a leader must have  [32:38]

3 great advice from Mark on ensuring the baton is shared successfully  [33:11]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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Did society mold its members or did its members mold the society? — Mark Fingerlin

In the workplace, the differences between boomers and millennials have to be managed. — Mark Fingerlin

Our education system and our society don’t recognize the value of the shoulders of the giants we all stand on. — Mark Fingerlin

If I choose to interrupt my weekend, that’s my choice. But I’m not going to interrupt your weekend. — Mark Fingerlin

You often have to ask yourself: Do you really have 40 years of experience at something, or 4 years of experience 10 times, or 10 years of experience 4 times, or 1 year of experience 40 times? — Mark Fingerlin

What is it you’re really bringing here that is valuable to the other people? — Mark Fingerlin

Leadership is a verb, not a position. It’s an action. — Mark Fingerlin


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Bank of New York Mellon

Vistage International

Jackie Robinson

John Glen

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