Ep13- Mark Fingerlin the CEO of CEOs Part 2

Ep13- Mark Fingerlin the CEO of CEOs Part 2

Show Notes

Mark talks about people like John Glen who were the first in their field  [02:10]

Who should you hire? On being performance-oriented and not hiring on criteria  [03:20]

Mark helps CEOs become better leaders.  [09:35]

Leadership is measured best by results.  [10:23]

The first thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals  [10:29]

What are your self-limiting beliefs and how do you get past them?  [11:45]

To the millennials: Who is your role model? Human beings, that is; not fictional characters in a movie  [12:57]

Advice for the millennial wanting to be a senior leader: Bloom where you’re planted.  [14:50]

On leading from the front  [15:36]

Find ways to make yourself more valuable.  [16:01]

“Lamenting the past” and other misconceptions about baby boomers  [22:13]

On boomers in yoga pants or skinny jeans  [25:28]

Being tech-savvy, and other benefits millennials bring to the workplace  [29:12]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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If we’re truly going to be innovators, then we have to be prepared to be the first one. — Mark Fingerlin

The senior leaders and recruiters need to understand they’re hiring for performance, not history. — Mark Fingerlin

Leadership is measured best by results. — Mark Fingerlin

Let’s just use our natural beauty in our maturity and make that work. — Mark Fingerlin


Links and Mentions

Mark Fingerlin’s interview, Part 1

Mark Fingerlin’s LinkedIn profile

Bank of New York Mellon

Vistage International

Jackie Robinson

John Glen

Alan Shepard

Buzz Aldrin


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