Update on High Level Wisdom

Update on High Level Wisdom

I thought that it would help for us to check-in after a month or so and see where we are, what I have learned as the host so far from the CEOs and some cool things to come for you as a listener.

But no update show is complete without an ask. The one I have of you is important to the growth and reach of our show. Please take a listen to this episode and help us reach our goals.


Show Notes

Update: Where we are in our journey and what’s coming up  [00:39]

A big thank you to all who have joined me at High Level Wisdom.  [01:38]

A look back at what we have achieved so far:

  • High Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders launched in April 10 [03:14]
  • Website is constantly being tweaked and new content added [03:45]
  • Level of engagement is going great, with over 400 downloads now! [04:04]

Let’s ramp up the discussion.  [06:48]

  • Which episode stood out to you and why? [07:20]
  • What perspectives from the CEOs were new to you? [07:25]

My vision for High Level Wisdom

  • Create a healthier dialog between millennials and the C-Suite [08:10]
  • Be the #1 place where people come to for these types of discussions in their companies [10:03]
  • 10,000 downloads by the end of this year! [05:58]

Exciting new stuff coming up

  • My book — High Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders [10:56]
  • Exclusive content workshops — High Level Wisdom Workshops [11:32]
  • Partnerships with companies [25:50]

Analysis of past episodes: Below are some common themes that have emerged.  [14:10]

  • There are some misconceptions about baby boomers in leadership roles that rub some baby boomers the wrong way.
  • There is real power to be leveraged in the relationship between a millennial and a baby boomer that will benefit the millennial’s career.
  • Many people, including CEOs, welcome ideas around technology.

Your turn, my audience. What are your thoughts?  [22:49]

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Fun and new segment on the show [27:19]

  • Ask A CEO – Post your question on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll have a CEO answer it. @highlevelwisdom  #AskACEO

Hey, could I ask a couple of favors? [29:07]

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Done is better than perfect.

You need somebody that you can trust in your career. — Chris Williams

It is vitally important that you take the time to speak up and share. — Chris Williams


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