Ep15- Dale Richards the CEO of Excel Management Systems Part 2

Ep15- Dale Richards the CEO of Excel Management Systems Part 2

Show Notes

Dale gives CEOs the methodologies to help their millennial workforce be productive  [02:13]

On compromise, monthly coaching, and daily positive affirmations  [02:49]

Annual reviews: Do they really have a positive influence on productivity?  [03:42]

On the old adage: “I never hear from my boss until I do something wrong. So if I don’t hear from him, I guess I’m doing okay.”  [04:02]

“Being stodgy” and 3 other phrases millennial employees would use to describe baby boomer managers  [05:13]

“Wanting too much freedom” and 2 other phrases baby boomer managers would use to describe millennial employees  [05:41]

On being a good communicator and a good listener, and avoiding one-upmanship  [08:01]

Dale and Chris demonstrate active listening  [09:24]

Dale talks about his book, Business Valuation Principles, where he discusses the top 7 ways to increase business value, profits, and revenue by 2-4x  [11:47]


Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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We, as the older generation, need to become better coaches. We need to look for the good in people. — Dale Richards

Both sides need to work and become more tolerant of each other. As it is now, the baby boomers are frustrated and so are the millennials.  — Dale Richards

We all need to learn to be better active listeners. — Dale Richards


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