Ep16- Lars Helgeson the CEO of Green Rope

Lars Helgeson, CRM, Green Rope

Ep16- Lars Helgeson the CEO of Green Rope

Show Notes

Lars Helgeson, founder and CEO of GreenRope, talks about Complete CRM  [02:17]

GreenRope has been able to keep a startup culture alive within the company.  [02:19]

Challenges that an integrated CRM can address:  [04:00]

  • gathering information from all kinds of communication (marketing, sales, customer service)
  • understanding how different communication channels work together and making them work effectively
  • helping management understand what is actually happening in their business

The traditional CRM model has different pieces of software which are difficult and expensive to link together.  [07:59]

On working with Elon Musk’s Hyperloop program: GreenRope loves working with companies that have a similar forward-thinking culture.  [10:31]

It is the younger generation that is not tied to doing things the same way just because that’s what everybody else is doing.  [12:49]

There are a lot of companies that are going out of business because they are holding on to the traditional way of doing things.  [17:18]

The shift in employee behavior has been a gradual process. [21:23]

Did Gen Xers hear a lot of the same things that are now being said of millennials?  [21:36]

Millennials are very used to getting access to information very quickly.  [22:12]

What might happen if you try to force a millennial into doing something the way a baby boomer may have been used to doing?  [22:30]

How can millennials effect a change in the work environment?  [23:00]

It doesn’t make any sense to call millennials ‘entitled’ and other such things just because they do things differently. Different is not bad.  [23:30]

Millennials need to learn to communicate well with an older generation.  [24:43]

Chris and Lars backtrack a bit: What is a CRM?  [28:24]

The younger somebody is, the less tolerant they are in dealing with clunky software.  [33:40]

How can baby boomers communicate well with millennials? Lars talks about his COO who knows exactly how.  [36:41]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00][/vc_column_text][/vc_row]

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lars Helgeson, Green Rope
Lars Helgeson, CRM, Green Rope
green rope


The real value the younger generation brings to the workforce is their different way of thinking. — Lars Helgeson

Even though the millennials are young, they have the fresh ideas that are going to drive what happens next. — Lars Helgeson

One of the greatest strengths of the millennial generation is that they are so free-thinking. — Lars Helgeson


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