Ep18- Laura Youngkin Founder of The Brave Millennial

Ep18- Laura Youngkin Founder of The Brave Millennial

Show Notes

Laura Youngkin, independent producer and founder of The Brave Millennial, introduces herself  [02:57]

What was Laura’s inspiration in starting The Brave Millennial?  [03:45]

On the negative stereotyping of millennials  [05:11]

In 2016, Laura hosted 11 forums that were safe spaces for millennial women.  [06:57]

Technology enables us to quickly access information. Is this trend causing millennials to also want to be successful quickly?  [14:42]

Helicopter parenting and participation trophy  [15:09]

Are millennials achieving less than their parents had at the same age?  [17:38]

On the millennials preference for flexible work hours  [24:45]

When overuse of technology results in burnout  [25:14]

Laura talks about how location influences culture in the workplace  [26:23]

The importance of face-to-face communication  [31:07]

Setting the company’s direction: Is it best left to the leaders?  [28:29]

Laura suggests 4 ways for management to engage millennial employees  [34:05]

Chris and Laura discuss middle management: “the crunchy middle layer”  [36:45]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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Now that I’ve learned so much more than I knew before, I feel empowered to do more. — Laura Youngkin

Millennials view career path as a sprint with only one path instead of viewing it as a marathon with no set course. — Laura Youngkin

The economic and workplace climate has changed so much that it’s impossible to measure ourselves against our parents. — Laura Youngkin


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