Ep19- Laura Youngkin Founder of The Brave Millennial Part 2

Ep19- Laura Youngkin Founder of The Brave Millennial Part 2

Show Notes

Chris and Laura continue discussing “the crunchy middle layer”  [01:22]

What creates tension between middle management and the lower levels?  [02:08]

Laura talks about her experiences in having to go around middle management to get to senior management in search of solutions  [03:00]

On promoting a person to a management role when their strength lies elsewhere  [07:17]

Laura on how baby boomers and millennials can work together  [09:31]

One of the best times in Laura’s career: Working with a baby boomer on a project  [10:04]

“That type of in-depth partnership and collaboration and training and legacy transfer is so powerful, but it only happens when you are willing to let your ego go a little bit and you both realize that you have something to learn from one another.”  [17:08]

“A big red flag for me in a work environment is the old phrase: ‘Well, this is how we’ve always done it.'”  [20:08]

“Some people really are comfortable with a lot of change, and other people are not.”  [21:22]

Laura lists three barriers to the sharing of knowledge between different generations in the workplace  [23:11]

In her work with college students, does Laura see a difference between millennials and those students?  [24:49]

The Brave Millennial and the work that she does [35:38]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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“Millennials have not been able to adhere to one way of doing things because technology changes so quickly. It impacts our lives in such a meaningful and large way.” — Laura Youngkin

“We have to be able to strike a healthy balance between legacy knowledge and our ability to adapt, innovate and change at an ever more rapid pace.” — Laura Youngkin

“Nothing is more inspiring to your employees than you being transparent about what you want to achieve; and then inviting them to be a part of the solution.” — Laura Youngkin


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