Ep20 -Alison Bloom-Feshbach Co-Founder & CEO of Know Your Crew

Ep20 -Alison Bloom-Feshbach Co-Founder & CEO of Know Your Crew

Show Notes

Another BONUS episode! Here’s a great app that can help increase talent engagement. [00:19]

Alison Bloom-Feshbach, CEO of Know Your Crew, tells us how the Know Your Crew app came to be [02:13]

Alison on how the relationship between team members affect performance [02:26]

Google’s research project called Project Aristotle [02:58]

What is “psychological safety”? [03:10]

Alison’s journey from Wharton to Know Your Crew [04:32]

How does Know Your Crew work? [10:07]

How can managers benefit from this app? [11:33]

3 attitudes people have about gamification in the workplace [14:15]
• Loves games and competition
• Prefers the social collaboration part
• Not interested in games or social interaction

Digital team-building that needs only 10-15 minutes each week [16:56]

What kind of data is being collected by the app and in what ways can they be used? [18:57]

The scalability of this tool [20:11]

2 types of teams that use Know Your Crew [21:08]
• Long-term (working team)
• Short-term (project team, cross-functional team, event attendees)

Work-life balance vs. work-life integration [26:16]

Lateral thinking: millennials are a natural at this skill. [27:11]

What Alison sees as the future of the workplace [29:32]

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The unique thing about Know Your Crew is our questions are all qualitative. — Alison Bloom-Feshbach

That’s the beauty of a technology-driven solution — we are built to scale. — Alison Bloom-Feshbach

Millennials will make technology and data science a table stake of their operations. — Alison Bloom-Feshbach


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Know Your Crew

Google’s Project Aristotle

?What If! Innovation

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