Ep22 -Richard Goeglein Former CEO of Harrah’s Casino

Ep22 -Richard Goeglein Former CEO of Harrah’s Casino

Show Notes

Richard Goeglein, past CEO of Harrah’s Hotels and Casinos, has over 50 years of experience, mostly in C-level roles.  [00:57]

Richard on his happy childhood and wonderful start in life  [03:50]

Joining the Navy  [05:01]

On being selected as regimental commander: “That was an interesting revelation for me and it changed my life forever.”  [08:09]

From “I never thought of myself as a leader” to “I guess, I really am a leader.”  [08:13]

“From that moment on, I took that as not only a mandate, but as a mission of being responsible and accountable for the gifts I’d really been given but that I haven’t really acknowledged or recognized.”  [08:46]

A serious goal: To be a CEO before age 40. Did Richard achieve his goal?  [09:09]

If you’re a CEO with no functional skills, what is a smart thing to do?  [10:06]

Richard read recently that the average CEO lasts for only 3-4 years. Why?  [12:04]

Setting up a culture that allows for open communication and the freedom to fail  [13:14]

On getting fired 3 times as a C-level executive: Richard says those events were “transitional moments of extraordinary growth and growth opportunities.”  [14:59]

What is turnaround management?  [24:06]

What does it mean when a company goes into Chapter 11 bankruptcy?  [33:43]

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We all have the opportunity and, in essence, the requirement to learn how to manage and navigate all of the changes that are occurring and how they are impacting our lives and those of others.  — Richard Goeglein

Three times I got fired. Those three times were really transitional moments of extraordinary growth and growth opportunities.  – Richard Goeglein


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