Ep23 -Richard Goeglein Former CEO of Harrah’s Casino Part 2

Ep23 -Richard Goeglein Former CEO of Harrah’s Casino Part 2

Show Notes

Chris asks: “Have millennials made an impact on the gaming industry?”  [02:15]

Millennials don’t like casino games except for poker, which they play online.  [02:31]

Then: Casino resorts in Las Vegas got a huge percentage of their revenues from the casinos. Now: The huge money-makers are the resorts’ hotel rooms.  [03:37]

Why does Richard think the millennials find casinos boring?  [06:13]

On technology being a huge disruptor to the gaming industry, and can interactive, skill-based games keep the casinos going?  [08:56]

Millennials go for the experiential stuff in Las Vegas such as theaters, shows.  [16:53]

Millennials are not so interested in making a lot of money or “getting stuffed.”  [17:26]

“Millennials are really far more collaborative, far more looking for ways to make this place a better place for all of us.”  [18:30]

“Millennials need to really look inside. They need to learn who they are, how they communicate, how they like to engage, what makes them tick, where do they find their comfort, where do they find their ability to speak with other people in meaningful ways.”  [20:00]

Richard thinks millennials struggle with who they are.  [20:38]

How open companies such as Google approach idea-generation and failure  [22:23]

One reason some people may put up with a job that they hate  [26:36]

Richard recommends Thank You for Being Late, a book by Thomas L. Friedman  [29:35]

“We’ve never been in an environment before where so much of that communication is electronic; it’s not face-to-face. That’s one component that we really need to get back to.”  [31:30]

On the need to find ways to have real human contact  [32:51]

Richard explains the importance of resilience — a skill that can be learned and that enables you to get through the bad times  [37:24]

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Millennials are really far more collaborative, far more looking for ways to make this place a better place for all of us.  — Richard Goeglein

The three times that I got fired were truly blessings.  — Richard Goeglein

I really do think we’re at an extremely exciting point in human history.  — Richard Goeglein

Every time we allow a device to steal more and more time away, we are losing that much greater human connectivity.  — Chris Williams


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  • Alice Percy Strausss

    Richard, thoroughly enjoyed both the 1st and 2nd interviews on High Level Wisdom. Your history and background experience was more than a little interesting. And, on the 2nd interview, must say I loved listening to you speak about the millennials, sharing several important points that are indeed critical to their all around successes in life and with their chosen careers: human connectivity, remaining open, facing fear of the unknown, resiliency, and learning through failure. Bravo! Well done.

    July 9, 2017 at 10:24 pm
    • chris@highlevelwisdom.com

      Thank you so much for your response and listening to the interview! Take a listen to other CEOs from previous episodes as well.

      July 13, 2017 at 4:50 pm

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