Ep24 -Maury Rogow of Rip Media Group

Ep24 -Maury Rogow of Rip Media Group

Show Notes

Chris welcomes Maury Rogow, CEO and Creative Director of Rip Media Group, to the show  [01:46]

Maury talks about his fascination with television and film as a kid  [02:24]

What was the turning point in Maury’s career?  [03:25]

  • Joining a startup [03:34]
  • Celebrating an impending acquisition and the resultant windfall [04:10]
  • The speech that shocked the party [05:17]

Being a peacetime leader vs. being a wartime leader  [09:04]

What did Maury do to increase sales and avoid getting fired?  [09:35]

Maury on starting from scratch and pursuing what fascinated him as a kid: “I wanted to be a storyteller.”  [11:12]

“Going for the real thing” and the importance of networking and mentorship [11:32]

The Hollywood years  [12:17]

Establishing Rip Media Group  [13:12]

What are the 3 big trends in the digital content world?  [16:29]

On the contribution of millennials to the digital content world  [23:31]

What 3 technologies are in the future of digital content?  [23:53]

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You’ve got to lay out a purpose for these millennials and you’ve got to reinforce it in ways they understand. — Maury Rogow

Your company will truly live or die based on the story you’re telling. — Maury Rogow

Everybody wants to be part of a great story. — Maury Rogow

Keep thinking, keep growing, keep inventing, keep innovating. — Maury Rogow


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