Ep28: How A Millennial CEO Uses Baby Boomer Skills to Build A Worldwide Tech Company

Ep28: How A Millennial CEO Uses Baby Boomer Skills to Build A Worldwide Tech Company

Show Notes

Paul’s goal: “To leave behind a footprint that is pointed in the right direction.”  [05:19]

Paul figured out that the way for him to really make a difference was to be a leader  [05:36]

“I’ve always said that our goal is to build tomorrow’s giants so that our kids have shoulders to stand on.”  [07:14]

Paul talks about Zoozler’s Venture Network and Tech Lab  [08:08]

Are you a great fit to start a company?  [10:29]

On seeking out relationships with baby boomers and learning from them.  [13:13]

On making it clear that you bring value to the workplace  [14:22]

What are your weaknesses?  [17:04]

Why does Paul rarely listen to the radio now when driving?  [17:40]

Why is in-person networking still important?  [18:04]

What Paul’s experiences in Germany taught him  [19:06]

Paul’s advice to the millennial who’s eyeing the C-suite  [21:28]

Why Paul doesn’t feel he traded off something to be where he is now  [23:43]

What does Paul do in his free time?  [25:02]

Paul recommends: “Be unbelievably organized about how you spend every minute.”

Paul busts the myth about the long working hours inherent in some roles  [29:58]


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A unique path will always bring us some sort of a hidden value. — Paul Powers

Your mindset is infinitely more important than how much action you’re taking. — Paul Powers

Keep the mentality in your mind that you don’t deserve anything. You have to earn everything that you want. — Paul Powers

You shouldn’t have to choose between your career goals and your personal goals. They should be aligned somehow.  — Paul Powers


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Heidelberg University

Fortune 500

Dax 30


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