Ep29-The ultimate life hacks to stay organized as a CEO

Ep29-The ultimate life hacks to stay organized as a CEO

Show Notes

Why does Paul find it liberating to schedule to-dos in his calendar?  [02:55]

5 doable tips for keeping organized  [04:28]

On why some middle management roles are going away and why some are vital  [07:54]

Paul compares his CEO role to that of a car’s steering wheel while the COO is the engine  [10:06]

What is a Chief People Officer?  [11:38]

6 tips for startups wanting to get into Zoozler’s Tech Lab  [13:34]

The future of Zoozler  [20:51]

6 popular areas for technology growth  [21:12]

Paul foresees augmented reality (AR) becoming more profitable than virtual reality (VR)  [22:11]

What is the difference between AR and VR?  [22:26]

Millennials will start acting like baby boomers at some point.  [24:30]

Is workplace automation a danger to jobs?  [25:27]

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I actually like to share power and responsibilities with different people in the organization in different ways. — Paul Powers

I sort of view myself as the steering wheel whereas the COO or the President is much more the engine — equally important. — Paul Powers

You shouldn’t have to choose between your career goals and your personal goals. They should be aligned somehow.  — Paul Powers


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Jeff Bezos

Tim Cook

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Google Glass

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