Ep2- Paula Chiocchi CEO of Outward Media Inc

Ep2- Paula Chiocchi CEO of Outward Media Inc

Show Notes

Paula’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur during the pre-internet years.  [01:05]

Deciding she wasn’t cut out for corporate America, Paula started her business at her dining table.  [02:14]

How the internet changed Paula’s business and how she positioned her business.  [02:46]

The rules in the workplace that baby boomers adhered to.  [06:28]

How the workplace changed when millennials joined the workforce.  [06:55]

As a baby boomer, Paula’s major issue in the workplace back then was not having a voice.  [08:56]

Some ways millennials are contributing to the workplace and society.  [11:17]

Trends that have shaped millennials and their approach to work.  [13:40]

The struggles that baby boomers and millennials face in dealing with each other in the workplace.  [16:57]

Managing by fear doesn’t work for millennials.  [18:59]

Work as an extensive of the home.  [19:21]

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  • “I started my business at my dining table.” – Paula
  • “Thirty years ago to today, it’s a very different world. You got to stay up on it.” – Paula
  • “For anyone who thinks that it takes a whole lot of magical pixie dust to start a business, it’s not true. Paula just told you: She started on her dining room table.” – Chris Williams
  • “It takes desire, drive, and passion for what it is you want to do.” – Paula
  • “Business is more than a feeling.” – Chris Williams
  • “I think my major issue was not having a voice.” – Paula
  • “Fifty-two percent of the employees in the B2B space are millennials, and that’s just going to keep increasing. The talent pool is shifting to there. So, if you don’t make the shift, you’re going to be left behind.” – Paula
  • “Millennials see coming to work as an extension of the home.” – Paula


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Paula Chiocchi on LinkedIn

Outward Media Website


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