Ep31- Gen X CEO Susan Apgood shares why just getting mentions of your company is not enough.

Ep31- Gen X CEO Susan Apgood shares why just getting mentions of your company is not enough.

Show Notes

What works best: educating people about your product or service or getting your company name mentioned often?  [02:08]

Is your goal to help people or to sell products?  [05:57]

What is the triple bottom line (TBL) and why is it so important?  [06:59]

60-70% of Susan’s students at the American University are taking up business on the advice of their parents  [09:33]

Parents nowadays have a big influence on what their children take up in college.  [09:46]

The current generation of students are used to having advocates or being their own advocates.  [10:21]

“It’s about the person you are and the worker that you are, and not the fact that you are a millennial.”  [14:21]

On allowing labels and stereotypes to define our relationships  [14:35]

Susan talks about Just Tryan It, an organization that “supports families fighting childhood cancer”  [16:04]

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You be the person that you are. — Kelsey O’Planick

I sometimes wonder if we’re allowing labels and stereotypes to define the way we go about our relationships. — Chris Williams

On Just Tryan It: Our secondary focus is to teach our children that you have to do good in the world, and that it’s our responsibility to give back. — Susan Apgood

On Just Tryan It: We’re working hard to create the next generation of givers and the next generation of volunteers. — Susan Apgood

The model of going through reporters to get stories told is definitely changing. I want to stay in front of that trend. — Susan Apgood


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