Ep33- There are two ways of leading. Which one is the most effective? Brett tells you.

brett Frevert

Ep33- There are two ways of leading. Which one is the most effective? Brett tells you.

Show Notes

Millennials stand to gain from baby boomers’ wisdom of experience  [03:08]

Why do some baby boomers envy millennials?  [03:31]

The leadership style of millennials [04:53]

The leadership style of baby boomers  [06:21]

On baby boomers delegating to millennials  [08:30]

“Command and control” vs. collaborative style of leadership [12:10]

“How much different would our work world be if all of us old dogs could back pivot and back out that quickly and say, ‘You know what, that didn’t work. Let’s try it a different way. Let’s think about this.’ ”  [14:25]

Are baby boomers stubborn and rigid?  [18:51]

“You’ve seen so much, you’ve done so much, you tell me how much you’ve seen and done. Why don’t you teach me better?”  [20:07]

Brett thinks one of the baby boomers’ failures is the failure to teach the next generation in a better way.  [20:27]

On why baby boomers should give themselves a pat on the back  [21:39]

Brett’s advice to the emerging leader: Learn how to learn. Learn both soft and hard skills. [27:49]

Brett recommends reading the book The One Minute Manager five times while at school and then five times a year until retirement  [31:04]

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What we need is that next generation to shoulder leadership in a different way than we would have. — Brett Frevert

The one thing wisdom does for me is it provides me context of the reality. — Chris Williams

To truly become a leader, I needed to learn how to learn. – Brett Frevert


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