Ep36- BONUS: Forget leadership as a skill. It’s your habits that determine a lot about how you lead.

Ep36- BONUS: Forget leadership as a skill. It’s your habits that determine a lot about how you lead.

Show Notes

Before coming to the US, Andrew Sykes ran a health insurance consultancy and brokerage in South Africa. [04:08]

In the US, is wellness a story of failure?  [05:35]

True or false: Americans are amongst the least healthy population   [06:05]

An early insight of Andrew’s team: People don’t generally do what they know to do.  [06:26]

It has been claimed that knowledge is not enough to create human habits.  [08:00]

What does it mean to “use up” vs. “fill up” an employee?  [11:38]

A different choice for organizations: “To make money as a consequence of investing in the life success of people.”  [14:28]

How can organizations get a much higher level of performance from their employees?  [15:12]

Habits of communication — quite different between millennials and the older generation  [18:52]

Unhealthy habit: Communicating almost exclusively by text, email or any digital format  [21:11]

Habits that support performance – pretty much the same across countries [24:02]

Good habits that millennials can learn from baby boomers: persistence, curiosity, hard work  [25:30]

What baby boomers can learn from millennials: expecting faster results  [26:16]

Andrew has observed that looking after their health, happiness and security is one of the basis for the high performance of CEOs in the US  [26:41]

More tips from Andrew for superior performance at work  [27:00]

Habits practiced by top-performing executives  [29:16]

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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou

So much is lost when you don’t look someone in the eyes, perceive what they’re feeling or thinking by seeing how they react. – Andrew Sykes

I’m of a view that there aren’t such things as great leaders or great managers. There are such things as effective leadership habits and effective management habits. – Andrew Sykes


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