Ep4- Brad Van Dam CEO of Marich Confectionery Company

Ep4- Brad Van Dam CEO of Marich Confectionery Company

Show Notes

Brad talks about Marich Confectionery, makers of Marich Chocolates  [02:30]

How the chocolate business chose Brad, and not the other way around  [03:50]

By doing what you have to do, you learn things you never thought you could do.  [05:53]

How Brad turned around a situation that could have been very tragic and terrible  [07:08]

The millennial consumer’s interest in premium products and what it means to the food and beverage industry  [10:32]

Of the millennials’ entrepreneurial spirit and impatience (good impatience!) in the workplace  [12:37]

How baby boomers and millennials can get along in the workplace  [16:47]

The top 5 things millennials value at work (Millennials are not lazy!)  [19:06]

Similarities and differences between baby boomers and millennials  [19:27]

A quote from Peter Drucker in 1959 shows that baby boomers and millennials are the same.  [21:31]

The strong work ethics of millennials  [22:36]

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