Don’t consider yourself a “techie” but like the industry? Learn why your Liberal Arts degree is actually needed in technology.

Scott Hartley

Don’t consider yourself a “techie” but like the industry? Learn why your Liberal Arts degree is actually needed in technology.

Show Notes

One of Scott Hartley’s key interests growing up was getting classical education, and he took up subjects such as ancient Greek and Roman history in college.  [06:55]

Scott always had an appreciation for entrepreneurship and technology, probably an influence of his growing up in the Bay area and Silicon Valley.  [07:21]

Scott self-identifies with the terms “fuzzy” and “techie”, terms used at Stanford University campus in the 1970s.  [07:36]

What does “fuzzy” and “techie” mean?  [07:49]

Scott worked at Google, Facebook and a venture capital firm.  [09:35]

The people that got funded by this venture capital firm — did they always have a highly technical background? And what attributes did they have?  [10:20]

Scott shares an anecdote about Zach Sims, co-founder of Codecademy  [12:52]

On millennials doing what they’re passionate about while, at the same time, having enough tech skills  [14:39]

Who are some of the successful “fuzzies” leading and founding famous tech and data science companies?  [18:41]

If you’re a “fuzzy”, how can you advance your career?  [21:20]

At Google, there is a hiring term called “googley”. Why is it important?  [22:00]

Scott talks about data and the implications it presents to management.  [31:01]

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Stay true to what you’re passionate about. Stay true to your skills and what you’re good at. But become technical enough to be dangerous. — Scott Hartley 

Learn to talk the talk. — Scott Hartley

I think it’s about upscaling in the right way and staying confident and true to what you really love. — Scott Hartley

I think looking at the negative space and what’s not in the data is as important as what’s in the data. — Scott Hartley


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