Ep6- Jim Tolbert CEO of Vista College

Ep6- Jim Tolbert CEO of Vista College

Show Notes

How Jim Tolbert established Vista College  [04:12]

The profile of a non-traditional student  [05:33]

Addressing an important economic need led to the tremendous growth of Vista College  [05:54]

Jim shares the key to his company’s success   [08:39]

The critical role of millennials in integrating technology into a business  [10:18]

How the school’s millennial employees changed the company culture  [11:02]

Jim talks of the other company changes brought about by the presence of millennial employees  [11:29]

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on the ‘why’ of a company resonated with Jim  [11:57]

The impact of “Every kid gets a trophy” mentality  [14:37]

How companies can address the knowledge gap being created as baby boomers retire  [19:37]

Three things an emerging leader can learn from a baby boomer  [23:00]

What Jim learned from a young man in his marketing team  [25:08]

Do you want to do it your way or do you want to do it the right way? [26:35]

A few ways that Jim energizes his team to increase productivity  [26:44]


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I would attribute our growth and our success to us meeting a really important need in our economy. — Jim Tolbert

What is absolutely key to our success is: there’s a high probability of our graduates finding employment relatively quickly. — Jim Tolbert

We owe it to our employees to articulate clearly why they come to work everyday. — Jim Tolbert


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Vista College

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

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