Ep8- Chris Falco CEO of Falco Sult

Ep8- Chris Falco CEO of Falco Sult

Show Notes

Falco Sult & Company, P.S., a non-traditional public accounting firm (It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about how you interact with your clients and provide “value-added” service.)  [03:39]

On avoiding the accountant stereotype  [04:16]

As Falco Sult started recruiting from colleges, they found they would have to deal with a different generation.  [05:31]

How baby boomer parents ended up coddling their kids  [09:09]

Two working spouses: What impact does it have on parenting style?  [09:36]

Do millennials have the same level of common sense experience that baby boomers had when they came out of high school?  [10:00]

What were the things Chris Falco learned about millennials during the recruiting process?  [10:13]

On developing the skills of Falco Sult staff  [10:39]

Millennials are smart individuals with a lot to offer.  [11:23]

What defines millennials? Work? Accomplishments outside of work?  [13:17]

How technology and gaming affect participation in team sports  [15:35]

Chris Falco’s advice to millennials  [16:50]

Millennials need to learn patience.  [23:31]

Millennials need to look at what they’re doing as a career, and not just a job.  [23:52]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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We continually design our firm to meet the needs of both the older and the new generations, and find some happy medium somewhere in-between. — Chris Falco

Millennials need to look at what they are doing as a career, and not just a job. — Chris Falco

Baby boomers want to be mentors too. We want to pass down that knowledge. — Chris Falco


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