Ep9- Chris Falco CEO of Falco Sult Part 2

Ep9- Chris Falco CEO of Falco Sult Part 2

Show Notes

What is a great place where an emerging millennial leader can interact with baby boomer leaders?  [01:59]

Falco Sult puts their emerging leaders into programs such as Vistage.  [05:06]

Chris Falco believes in hiring people smarter than him.  [06:04]

The importance of determining the kind of manager you’re working with  [06:34]

Why baby boomer leaders need to take care of the big picture and let millennial employees handle the details  [08:52]

On embracing the idea of change  [11:57]

How Chris Falco develops a good team that wants to stay  [13:49]

Baby boomers need to take the time to chat, mingle and laugh with millennials.  [15:15]

On retirement and finding the next leader  [19:40]

Baby boomers need to be patient with millennials.  [27:00]

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Baby boomers want to be collaborative too. — Chris Falco

We want to make it a fun place to work; we want to make it a place that promotes creativity and flexibility. — Chris Falco

I show an interest in them as people, not just as employees. — Chris Falco

Links and Mentions

Chris Falco’s interview Part 1

Falco Sult & Company, P.S.


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