How do you find these CEO’s?

We are constantly searching through our networks and referrals. We also find great CEO’s through online and personal connections as well. As we grow, we hope that more CEO’s will come to us in order to help continue the conversation.

As a CEO I want to participate, what do I need to do?

Send us an email at info@highlevelwisdom.com. Let us know about your journey, the company you work for and size and products or services it offers. We will then review the information and set up an initial 30 minute call in order to discuss further and see if it will be a good fit for you, us and our audience. You can participate in two ways, the interview for the podcast, suggesting a book for emerging leaders to read or joining our list of CEO’s who engage in our “Ask A CEO” segment. This is an opportunity to answer questions that come in to us from our audience geared towards CEO’s.

Can I suggest a CEO for the podcast?

Yes! Send us an email with some background to info@highlevelwisdom.com

I’m a CEO but I’m a Gen X or Millennial, how can I participate?

We’re glad you asked. Share with us some background about your company and your reasons for wanting to participate. Our team will evaluate on a case by case basis and reach out to you.

I want to book Chris to speak at our event or company, how do I get in touch with him?

It’s an honor to share and help add value to your company. Please send a direct email to Chris@highlevelwisdom.com and let him know a few days and time that work best for an initial discussion of the outcomes you are seeking for the event. For more details on how best to utilize Chris for your company event please click here.

We are a brand and would like to explore a partnership, how can reach you?

As an influencer in this market, we are always open to exploring how we can work with brands, products and or services that provide value for our audiences. Send us an email to info@highlevelwidsom.com. Click here for ad space or sponsorship details.