Kolar Design has employees from 3 different generations and recently undertook a process that increased employee satisfaction.


Kolar Design has employees from 3 different generations and recently undertook a process that increased employee satisfaction.

Show Notes

Introducing Kelly Kolar, founder and CEO of Kolar Design  [03:11]

How Kelly got into design and fell in love with it  [05:46]

How can great design transform people’s experiences and perceptions?  [06:56]

Kelly explains their “highway to hallway” strategy for developing navigation and space  [07:39]

Given a fictitious university campus, how would Kelly help people navigate that environment and bring the university’s brand to life?  [09:20]

Why is the design of a corporate workplace a deal breaker or a deal maker, especially with millennials?  [14:33]

Does workplace design affect productivity?  [16:55]

The process that Kolar Design adopted which led to a happier mix of 3 generations of employees  [19:23]

4 lessons Kelly learned as a CEO  [24:06]

Is it difficult for a CEO to let go and let others take control?  [27:00]

How communication in Kolar Design has evolved over the years  [30:16]

On managing someone older than your father and other challenges emerging leaders need to consider  [32:59]

How did Kelly address the challenges she faced as a female CEO?  [35:44]

On building on previous knowledge to build success  [38:19]

The gap in communication styles and addressing the need to be heard  [41:50]

Pros and cons in communicating with clients by text messaging  [43:55]


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kelly kolar
kelly kolar



Being a daughter of an entrepreneur, I already would have that born-in entrepreneurial spirit. – Kelly Kolar

Literally, we really believe here in our company that design can change lives. – Kelly Kolar

The transformative powers of great design are amazing and can actually change people’s experiences and their perceptions and even where they’re going in their own lives. – Kelly Kolar

Brand is everything. Brand isn’t just a logo or graphic on a page. Brand is your story. – Kelly Kolar

One of the things I’m learning is that I need to keep learning. – Kelly Kolar

I encourage all of my emerging leaders to really find their voice, to know their stuff. – Kelly Kolar

For me, the three rules in business is relationship, relationship, relationship. – Kelly Kolar


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