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david braun

Manufacturing is long overdue for reinvention. Millennials can be that reason it resurges as a sought after industry. David Braun has the passion and the how in this episode.

Are you interested in working in the romanticized field of M&A? Or perhaps in an industry that needs reinventing—the... Read More

David Braun

Why selling your business is good but you should be prepared for the funeral. Here is the inside scoop on all things to prepare yourself for selling or acquiring a business.

What goes through the mind of a business owner or a CEO when they are selling their company? Or,... Read More


How a woman who has never been to the beach because of a skin condition gets the beach trip of her life thanks to IACT Health. CEO Jeff Kingsley shares her story and much more.

If you are passionate about helping others, you’ll surely want to listen to this episode as Dr. Jeff Kingsley... Read More

jeff Kingsley

What does it take to get proven medicines from clinical research to the masses? Dr. Jeff Kingsley shares the how and why Millennials are finding the cures for tomorrow today.

A CEO who is passionate about clinical research and changing the world. He has a natural affinity for millennials.... Read More

The future of employee contracts, and human capital strategies as told by Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index

Employment contracts that are just a couple of years or so? That is today’s reality, and it’s a far... Read More


What does The Predictive Index and the 1996 US Olympic Sailing Team have in common? Mike Zani. A Gen Xer who loves behavioral studies.

This is definitely a fun episode! Chris was brave enough to have Mike Zani interpret – live, on the... Read More

Is the college degree valuable for employment in the future? And what machine will take my job? All this and more with Scott Hartley who says tech can be applied anywhere.

Scott Hartley, author of The Fuzzy and the Techie, gives us quite a bit of insight into how a... Read More

Scott Hartley

Don’t consider yourself a “techie” but like the industry? Learn why your Liberal Arts degree is actually needed in technology.

Don’t have a degree in technology, but you want to join a tech firm? Scott Hartley, author of The... Read More