What does The Predictive Index and the 1996 US Olympic Sailing Team have in common? Mike Zani. A Gen Xer who loves behavioral studies.


What does The Predictive Index and the 1996 US Olympic Sailing Team have in common? Mike Zani. A Gen Xer who loves behavioral studies.

Show Notes

What is The Predictive Index and how can it help your company and your team?  [04:19]

Initially clients of The Predictive Index, Mike Zani and his business partner liked the company so much that they bought it.  [06:27]

Mike grew up around boats and sailing came naturally for him.  [07:43]

To earn money while applying for graduate studies, Mike made use of his sailing skills and started a sailing clinic.  [08:56]

Mike was a coach for the 1996 US Olympic Sailing Team.  [09:20]

The Search Fund model: buying a company with other people’s money and heading that company  [10:42]

Why the Search Fund model?  [11:05]

Insights learned from a millennial praising his CEO for a job well done  [13:50]

What is the Head, Heart, and Briefcase (or Backpack) concept and why is it important in creating a high-performance workforce?  [22:44]

If you’re a leader or a manager, what are the implications of the Head, Heart and Briefcase (or Backpack) concept for you?  [26:44]

The two elements of management that people often miss  [28:41]

Chris took The Predictive Index test before the show. And now, the results are in!  [30:38]

On The Predictive Index: “What we do is we use these behavioral analytics to be predictive. [41:51]

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It’s not about managing millennials; it’s about managing change. — Mike Zani 

Millennials have the ability to find reviews on things and give reviews seamlessly. — Mike Zani

The change is really in those social and cultural mores. The underlying fundamental behavioral drives, needs and dynamics — those haven’t changed. — Mike Zani

When you want to see workplace performance or other performance, it’s the Head, it’s the Heart, and the Backpack who all contribute to what you see showing up at work on a day-to-day basis. — Mike Zani

On the Head, Heart, and Briefcase concept: I use this framework as a bit of the language which breaks down those cultural and social mores. — Mike Zani

Most people think of management and they think of managing down. It’s really important to think of also managing across (to your peers) and managing up (to your supervisor’s bosses). — Mike Zani


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