Being judged by my newsfeed.

Being judged by my newsfeed.

Believe it or not, there was a time when 24 hour news didn’t exist, the version of a mobile phone was an extender cord stretching some 30 feet in the house, and our “news feed” was an actual news paper or the evening news on tv. Not many people were so openly opinionated about race and political affiliations. And we sure were not concerned if our ideas and thoughts would become something of a conflict when we apply for jobs.

But some 25 years later, we are here. “News feeds” are being considered and the reality of perception can be the difference between “your hired” or your application being denied.

In a study done by Jobvite, 93% of hiring managers will review your social media sites. Why? Well the answer is simple but not one we might want to hear. In today’s world, employers have to find new ways to stay ahead of the curve when seeking top talent and evaluating them. We once used face to face interviews to be our main predictor of talent. Technology came rushing in and convoluted the process making it harder to see the person unless certain keywords popped up through a system scanner. Now that we can see how that is not always the best method, your news feed is the next wave of evaluation managers and companies used to understand who you are and if they should take a risk on you.

Keep in mind that our world is completely integrated and opinions are shaping reality as fast as you can leave a foot print in the dirt. So companies have to use social media data to understand how you as an individual act and behave.

Some may say “This is not right and my social media pages are my personal business and has nothing to do with my place of work”. And you are right. But the “freedom” we have to say what we want doesn’t mean some of those ideas can’t create perceptions that are negative to our career. So here are some thing you can do to not kill your opportunities while in the search;

  1. Search your timeline for those who post a lot. If what they are posting is extremely vulgar or harsh in nature, consider limiting there post in your news feeds.
  2. Stop complaining. Everything you do everyday is not so bad that it deserves a post. This behavior can be an indicator to employers that you will do the same to them.
  3. Post more than just your opinions. There is a big world out there especially on the internet. Take some time to share discussions, pictures and ideas about things you re passionate about. Talk about a recent trip, a hot topic on something that interest you or things happening in other countries. Be caught having a good world view and positive perspective.
  4. Take time off social media. Your frequency of posting is importing if you trying to get noticed online. But sometimes, you say a lot when you choose to not make it your only way to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

The more integrated we are with technology, the more you have to be mindful of our online profile.

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