Striving for perfection? Why? And are boys and girls raised differently when it comes to leadership? This and other thoughts from the great Vien Truong.

vien Truong

Striving for perfection? Why? And are boys and girls raised differently when it comes to leadership? This and other thoughts from the great Vien Truong.

Show Notes

Is the struggle for a perfect work-life balance detrimental?  [03:18]

What is it that baby boomers have done better than millennials?  [04:02]

On the benefits of asking for input as a leader  [05:50]

How social media can have an adverse effect on young leaders and prevent them from taking bigger risks  [07:18]

How are girls raised differently from boys and does this difference show up decades later in leadership styles?  [08:23]

The path of a leader: Vien’s powerful tip for emerging leaders  [10:41]

An excellent advice Vien received from the pre-eminent educator Pedro Noguera [12:06]

Vien expounds on her empowering motto: “Dare to play bigger” [13:52]

I explain my own motto and personal challenge: “Be a better man today than you were yesterday”  [15:45]

7 practical tips for the millennial eyeing the C-suite  [19:16]

On not being afraid to dream big  [21:25]

A strong argument for getting into politics and policy  [24:19]

The many triumphs of The Dream Corps in 2017  [26:46]

What’s in store for The Dream Corps: Bringing the country together and moving the country forward.  [29:24]


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vien Truong
vien Truong
vien truong



The continuous pursuit for this work-life balance and this perfection is detrimental and it can be really difficult if you don’t step back from it. Instead, we interpret it as: how do we get to the best work-life harmony? – Vien Truong 

What I have seen from people who excelled well in this life are people who are okay with not being perfect and okay with finding the sense of harmony and being able to adjust that for themselves in a specific and individual way. – Vien Truong

When you don’t listen to people, when you try to be fast and pose yourself as a powerful person, then you actually might miss out on some really important things that are happening. – Vien Truong

Speak your truth; fight for the truth. I think it’s important and very rare these days to be authentic. – Vien Truong

Saying nothing or acquiescing to the status quo is always the easiest path. But that’s not what leaders are designed to be. – Vien Truong

Leaders are designed to lead in new territory and to say things nobody else is willing to say. – Vien Truong

Do not seek approval from people you do not approve of. – Pedro Noguera

Just celebrating life, knowing that this is all part of an adventure, and being playful about it is important. – Vien Truong

When you have those setbacks, just remember that, while success gives you confidence, it is your setbacks that will give you character. Character, at the end of the day, is the most important. – Vien Truong

Leadership is never alone. It takes the entire village and, really, the entire country. – Vien Truong


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